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Coupon Distribution Guidelines

The South Carolina Welcome Centers make accommodation and attraction reservations for travelers at no cost to our industry partners. The intent is to offer quality customer service and to close the sale in an effort to maximize tourism expenditures in South Carolina.
Approval of Coupons
To have a discount coupon approved for Welcome Center distribution, mail or e-mail one  finished coupon with a written request to the Welcome Center covering your county of business. If your coupon covers multiple locations, feel free to send to the responsible Welcome Center most convenient to your county of business. Faxes will not be accepted. Please allow adequate time for a response (two weeks approximately) to allow for the request to be received, reviewed and processed.

The requester will be responsible for shipping or mailing the coupons to the centers. Quantity and contents need to be identified on the outside of each package; coupons should be bundled in quantities of 50-100. Initial quantities should not exceed a 3-month supply.

If additional coupons are available, please include an e-mail address or mailing address for reorder. When a welcome center's coupon supply is running low, the center will e-mail or send an "Order Request Card."
Design Requirements for Approval
Coupon Size
The preferred size of a finished coupon is 3” in width and 5” in height.
Coupon Content
Coupons must have an actual dollar rate printed on the face of the coupon equal to or lower than any other coupon distribution through other entities. Unless otherwise stated, it will be assumed taxes are not included.
  • Any property restrictions must be stated on the coupon. For example: availability, number of people, room type or location, and same day arrival.
  • Expiration dates, "No Expiration Date" or the print date must be printed on all coupons. An expiration date is for your protection as well as ours. If your coupon does not have an expiration date, it will be assumed the coupon expires upon the calendar year end.
  • Coupons cannot be attached to rack cards or brochures.
Coupons will be distributed by welcome center staff and the staff will not make adjustments to coupons. Distribution priority will be given to the following entities having coupons:
  • Accommodations
  • Attractions, including historic and recreational organizations
  • Restaurants and shopping
Coupon Design
We suggest collaborating with the SC Welcome Center in your county of business during the conceptual stages of coupon design.  The supervisor can also help you with coupon design to ensure approval.

If coupons are not honored as printed, the coupons will be removed from all welcome centers until the matter is resolved. Failure to comply with any portion of this policy can result in refused shipments or prohibited distribution.

For information on Welcome Center literature distribution, click here.


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Revised 2/20/2008