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Check off for S.C. State Parks!

The South Carolina State Park Service hopes you will remember your state parks at tax time. You can do that by designating donations on Schedule I-330 (contributions for check-offs) form in your 2010 South Carolina individual income tax return.

Your contribution will support the natural and cultural beauty that you've come to enjoy over the past 75 years in state parks.  Trails that reach deep into the wilderness, programs that teach history and wildlife lessons, and projects that preserve our landscapes and vistas, all can be supported in the check-off program. 

South Carolinians contributed more than $43,000 last year using the check-off option. The parks hope to increase that amount in 2011.

It is important to note the money will not be used for daily operations, but only for physical improvements.
For more information on this and other fundraising efforts for South Carolina's state parks, including how residents from other states can contribute, contact Lou Fontana at 803-734-1368 or lfontana@scprt.com.


Remember to use Schedule I-330






And find the option to donate to State Parks