Frequently Asked Questions

The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism serves the public and its parks, recreation and tourism constituencies in a variety of ways. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the agency's distinctive public service.

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What does the South Carolina Film Commission offer?
The South Carolina Film Commission or Film Office, recruits feature films and TV projects with Motion Picture Incentives, and offers grants for independent filmmakers, a film contest for aspiring filmmakers in high school, training for college students and industry professionals, and crew and industry resources for movies, commercials, catalogue and print shoots. Some of the most notable productions in its filmography have been the motion pictures “The Notebook” and “Forrest Gump” and the cable television network series “Army Wives.”

How can I start a career as a state park ranger?
There are a variety of ranger and park operations positions in state parks. Click here for details.

How can I volunteer at a state park?
From campground hosts to trail crews, volunteers provide a significant service for park operations. Click here for details.

How does SCPRT support recreation in South Carolina?
SCPRT coordinates the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and provides three grants that help cover costs for acquiring or expanding recreation resources in local communities. For details on SCORP click here, and for details on recreation grants, click here.

What is tourism’s economic impact on South Carolina?
Tourism is an estimated $29 billion industry in South Carolina. For current indicators of its economic impact, see reports and studies on the Research and Statistics page.

What kind of marketing service does SCPRT offer for my business or organization?
SCPRT provides a variety of services to tourism industry partners seeking assistance with promotion. Among them are grants, co-op advertising opportunities, the distribution of brochures in welcome centers and more. Click here for a summary of those services.

How do I get my tourism-specific product or service listed on the website?
Tourism partners must register online and follow publishing guidelines for the state’s official travel website. For details, click here.

How do I get my rack card distributed through the South Carolina Welcome Centers?
Material must meet specific South Carolina tourism and welcome center guidelines and be shipped to welcome centers. For details, click here.

What tourism marketing grants does SCPRT offer?
SCPRT offers three tourism marketing grants – the Tourism Advertising Grant, the Destination Specific Tourism Marketing Grant, and the Sports Tourism Advertising and Recruitment Grant. For details about tourism grants, click here.

What industry-focused social media channels does SCPRT maintain?
SCPRT maintains a corporate presence on Twitter @SCPRT.

What consumer-focused social media channels does SCPRT maintain?
Using the following social media channels, SCPRT promotes the state as a premier tourism destination: