List Your Property

List your property

Filmmakers look for locations that are as unique and interesting as the stories they tell. Most producers start their location search with us via our library of 10,000+ locations.

If you think your property would make a good location for filming, click HERE to find out how to list with the South Carolina Film Commission.

This database is provided to help local businesspeople, property owners and residents attract the kind of visibility that will allow you to forge revenue-generating business relationships with local, national and international filmmakers and production companies.

A film's location requirements are usually very specific. Producers may look at hundreds of locations just to find one site. Our office may make digital images of your property available to producers for their consideration, but there are no assurances that they will choose your property to film. If the producer is interested in your property as a potential location, they or the SC Film Commission will contact you to schedule a visit.

If you are approached about filming on your property:

Ask for identification.

A professional location scout or producer's representative will have a business card, letter of introduction from the SC Film Commission or some other appropriate form of ID confirming that they are working for a legitimate production company. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of the person in question, do not hesitate to call our office at 803.737.0496.

If you and the production company agree to initiate filming on your property:

  • Obtain a Letter of Agreement from the Production Company. Also known as a "Location Contract," this agreement states in writing the specific terms and conditions before preparation or filming begin. Most everything in the contract is negotiable; be sure to have a signed agreement in hand before any work begins.
  • If more than one person has legal claims to the property, please be sure they are involved in the negotiations, and make sure the production company is aware of other owners.
  • Make sure the Agreement indemnifies you against loss.

Click HERE to see a sample Location Agreement.


Obtain a Certificate of Insurance from the Production Company

This insurance certificate protects you and your property. It acts as proof of adequate coverage for the production company's risk of bodily injury or property damage. The certificate should name you as "additionally insured" for the most ideal protection.


Legal Compliance

Make sure that you and the production company comply with local laws regarding filming activities. Contact your local government or the South Carolina Film Commission if you have any questions.

Contact The Film Commission

South Carolina Film Commission
1205 Pendleton Street, Room 225
Columbia, SC 29201

Call one of our representatives below:

Matt Storm

Matt Storm

Manages the Film Office, oversees auditing, payment, grants, training, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-1785
Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers

Manages locations, scouts, permitting, location database, websites, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-0496