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SOUTH CAROLINA offers natural beauty, abundant resources, and an exceptional quality of life. We can supply your production with locations for filming that include mountains and the coast, rural settings and pristine waterways, modern urban environments, small-town storefronts, historic antebellum buildings, and sub-tropical jungles. This incredibly diverse state has been the backdrop for more than 100 feature films, 100+ TV movies, series and pilots, 500+ print ad and catalog shoots, and many other mediums going back to the Edison Company's “The Southerners” in 1914, Pathe Company's “How Could You Caroline?” in 1918 and Cecil B. DeMille's “Reap the Wild Wind” in 1941.

We're a business-friendly state that understands the importance behind the opportunities provided by every production. South Carolina once again ranks among the top states for doing business. Area Development’s 2022 Top States for Doing Business named South Carolina the #3 best state for doing business, as determined by a survey of leading site selection consultants.

We offer a cooperative state government coupled with a qualified crew base, providing the right conditions for productions to succeed. We're also one of the country's leading incentive states for feature films and television series. South Carolina's production incentives differ from other states' incentives in that they are a cash rebate, paid to the production company within 30 days of final audit. Other states offer tax credits or tax refunds which require brokers and long waiting periods.

Come discover the ideal place for your television and film projects in South Carolina and find out why we remain such an attractive choice for film, television and other media ventures.

Non Union - SAG ULB
Faith Based Film
Filming in Rock Hill and surrounding area. (Charlotte, NC area)
Oct 24 - Nov 17
12 hour days with lunch
OT after 12
Hair and Make Up
Head Hair
HMU Asst
Wardrobe Trailer provided
Production Asst.
Craft Services
Please send resumes to:

Many organizations market themselves as being able to submit your headshot and information to popular series,  shows or features. Productions that we recruit to the state generally use LOCAL or regional Casting Directors, Talent Agencies, and/or Extras Casting Directors to find LOCAL talent. 

Please don't sign up for services that charge to submit for headshots or casting calls. 


Our office is aware of a production targeting local crew members, promising employment and even an upfront pre-production payment via check. 

Please DO NOT fall for these type of scams by accepting what will turn out to be a bogus check. The so-called producer will be very insitent that you cash the check immediately. The producer will then claim some excuse for overpayment and ask for some of the money to be returned. By the time the bank processes the check and it bounces, YOU will be the one responsible for paying back ALL the funds. 

Most of these scams are vague in details, using phrases like:

"The film will be shot in different locations within your area." 

"All I need you to do is to complete all tasks promptly."

"I have hired people in the past who did not live up to expectations and this time, I do not want to make the same mistake."

"The financial officer will issue a paycheck that will be delivered to your mailing address."

If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any productions that claim to be in SC, please contact us. 


Oct. 7-8
Trident Technical College
North Charleston, SC

The South Carolina Film Commission and Trident Technical College will host a two-day SET DECORATION/SET DRESSING workshop Oct. 7-8 at Trident Technical College in North Charleston, SC.

The program is free for eligible South Carolina residents. Led by Set Decorator Missy Ricker and Lead Man Stephen C. Peterman, participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to the workings of a Set Decoration Department for Film and Television. Trainees will explore the process of Visualizing, Sourcing and Shopping, Budgeting, and Physically Dressing a Set in this hands-on intensive workshop.

Some direct or related experience or understanding of filmmaking is required, as the workshop will dive right into the workings of the Set Decoration department.

Once completed, trainees will be eligible for placement on Film, TV and Commercial internships in Set Decoration and Art Departments through SCFC’s Statewide Production Intern Program. (Placement is not guaranteed.)


Applications due by Sept. 30, 2023.

About Missy Ricker
Missy is a South Carolina based Set Decorator for the Film and Television Industry. With a MFA in Photography and Filmmaking, Missy began her career as a stagehand at the Virginia Opera and various venues, also working as an Art Director for commercials and television series. She now has dozens of credits as a Set Decorator, including Halloween (2018), Outer Banks Seasons 1-4, and Army Wives.

About Stephen C. Peterman
Steve is a Leadman for the Film and Television industry based in Wilmington, NC. After starting in LA, Steven ended up in Wilmington while working on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since then he’s worked on a variety of Film and TV projects, including Betsy’s Wedding, Shanghai Noon, Black Knight, One Tree Hill, and Outer Banks.

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South Carolina Film Commission
1205 Pendleton Street, Room 225
Columbia, SC 29201

Call one of our representatives below:

Matt Storm

Matt Storm

Manages the Film Office, oversees auditing, payment, grants, training, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-1785
Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers

Manages locations, scouts, permitting, location database, websites, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-0496