SC Stock Footage

Looking for B-Roll or stock footage of South Carolina? Please check with the Convention & Visitor's Bureau from the area you are researching.

These additional state agencies may also be helpful:

South Caroliniana Library 

SC Department of Archives & History 

SC Educational Television 

You may also want to check out the University of South Carolina's Moving Image Research Collection and their collection of over 6,000 hours of archival footage for your consideration.


Contact The Film Commission

South Carolina Film Commission
1205 Pendleton Street, Room 225
Columbia, SC 29201

Call one of our representatives below:

Matt Storm

Matt Storm

Manages the Film Office, oversees auditing, payment, grants, training, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-1785
Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers

Manages locations, scouts, permitting, location database, websites, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-0496