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"Leatherheads" (2007)
Email Production Scam Alert

We have received emails from crew who are being asked to sign up for a nameless production here in the state from a so-called producer who goes by the name of Justin Tyler, with the heading "JOB DETAILS."

When emails are poorly written, too generic ("shoot in different locations within your area"), and most importantly promise to pay you upfront, please know they are probably scammers. They generally follow the same basic pattern: pay you upfront, demand that you quickly cash the check and send them some of the money back due to overpayment, or some other excuse (such as using it for a vendor). Once the bank withdraws the money and figures out the check is bogus, they come after you for repayment.

Please contact us if you are approached with any questionable job offers.


South Carolina Film Commission
1205 Pendleton Street, Room 225
Columbia, SC 29201

Call one of our representatives below or fax us at  (803) 734.1455

Matt Storm

Matt Storm

Manages the Film Office, oversees auditing, payment, grants, training, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-1785
Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers

Manages locations, scouts, permitting, location database, websites, economic development-marketing.

Tel: 803-737-0496