Speakers and Top State Officials Commend Industry’s Adaptability at Annual SC Tourism Conference

February 16, 2021

Columbia, S.C. – While the 56th annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism and Travel looked different from previous years to meet health and safety guidelines, the energizing spirit of the meeting remained unchanged. After the two-day conference at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, tourism professionals head back to their South Carolina destinations with the latest tools of the trade.

Attendees heard from SC Governor Henry McMaster and SC Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Director Duane Parrish on the first day. Both leaders shared messages of hope and optimism for brighter days on the horizon.

The conference featured three keynote speakers – Molly Fletcher, Denise Lee Yohn and Jon Youshaei – who shared their strategies on building a brand and moving forward while facing the challenges of the global pandemic.

Molly Fletcher     

Molly Fletcher is an author and former top sports agent. Her session – Unleash Your Potential – covered her proven 5-step process for unleashing your potential and achieving peak performance. The session gave attendees information on how to successfully lead, show up for the people you serve, and lean into change to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Denise Lee Yohn     

Denise Lee Yohn is the go-to expert on brand leadership for national media outlets, an in-demand speaker and consultant, and an influential writer. Her presentation – Cracking the Code on Organizational Readiness and Resilience – focused on how organizations can thrive in uncertainty and perform under pressure. She shared her practical guide to future-proofing your business with a strong brand and vital culture.

Jon Youshaei     

Jon Youshaei concluded the conference with his presentation, Adapting to the New Normal: How to Reach Millions with Your Message in 2021 & Beyond. Named a top marketer by Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine, Jon has worked at both YouTube and Instagram. He provided attendees with his blueprint for adapting marketing in 2021 amidst the changes caused by COVID-19, sharing proven techniques, templates, and tools to reach more people with your message.


The conference also recognized industry heroes in the annual awards ceremony presided over by Governor McMaster and Director Parrish. The Hospitality Employee of the Year was named, along with four Community Award winners. The Community Award was brand new for 2021 to honor industry professionals who went above and beyond to serve their customers and communities in 2020.

The 2022 Governor’s Conference on Tourism and Travel is slated to be held in Greenville, South Carolina. Updates will be available at scprt.com/governors-conference.

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