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Recreational Trails Program

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is a Federal-aid assistance program designed to help States provide and maintain recreational trails for both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail use.
  • Two-Year Grant Cycle
  • Administered by the Federal Highway Administration
  • Develop or improve trails for Off-Road motorcycles, ATV's, mountain bikes, equestrians, hikers and water trails
  • Eligible applicants must be a state, federal or local government agency or qualified private organization
  • All Applications graded utilizing a competitive Open Project Selection Process (OPSP) reviewed by a grading team
  • A 20% match is required

Please click on the links below for more informaton on the RTP 2015/16/17 schedule and additional eligible applicant criteria.


SCPRT will be hosting four (4) Regional Workshops focused on the importance of planning, public involvement, partnerships, funding and the construction process of trail building.  More information on these workshops will be forthcoming.

If you have questions about the Recreational Trails Program, please contact State Trails Coordinator Ronda Pratt at rpratt@scprt.com or 803-734-0130.