Temporary Positions at the SC State Park Service

South Carolina’s state park system includes 47 operating parks encompassing over 80,000 acres. Most of these parks offer year-round facilities, activities and programs with personnel in residence on the site. South Carolina State Parks offer a variety of experiences and landscapes ranging from the Blue Ridge Mountain peaks to picturesque inland lakes and from the sand hills of the Midlands to the barrier islands along the coast. Some of nature’s most spectacular creations are on display throughout the state. Throughout the year the Park Service will hire between 300-350 temporary and seasonal employees to work in these parks.

Temporary and seasonal positions include:

Park attendants

Concession workers

Assistant rangers

Seasonal rangers

Interpreters (wildlife)

Interpreters (historical)

Activities/tour leaders

Park/trail maintenance

Administrative support

Lifeguards (Waterfront personnel require lifesaving, CPR and First Aid certifications.)

Salary and Housing

Pay for these positions will begin at minimum wage. There is a barracks facility in several parks: Table Rock, Kings Mountain, Santee, Hunting Island and Myrtle Beach.

Preferred Majors

Traditionally the temporary workforce has been made up of college students, high school students, school teachers (not teaching during the summer) and retirees. College majors most appropriate for these positions:

Natural Resource Management


Physical Education


Outdoor Education



Parks Management


Environmental Education



Criminal Justice

Application Process

An employment application form is required for work with the South Carolina State Park Service for a temporary or summer job.

It is important to specify a type of position being sought either on a cover sheet or on the application form.

Individual park managers make the determination of which applicants are selected for temporary and seasonal positions. These applications should be submitted in January or February or as soon as possible before the summer season begins.

Completed applications need to be submitted directly to the specific park where the applicant is interested in employment.

To obtain a temporary and seasonal application form:

Download an application form or contact the South Carolina State Park Service at 803.734.0156, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or from individual parks.

The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, age or handicap and is an equal opportunity employer. If anyone feels that he/she may have been discriminated against, a complaint may be filed with the Equal Opportunity Office, US Department of the Interior, Washington, DC 20240.