Beach Renourishment Funding Assistance Grant Program

The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism has funding available for beach renourishment through the 2016-2017 South Carolina Appropriations Act and is soliciting applications for matching funds from eligible applicants. Because these funds are administered by SCPRT through an open-cycle grant program, applications will be accepted at any time of year provided that the application is complete and that all requirements have been met prior to application submission.  Applications for funding will be evaluated by a review committee to determine if the application has satisfied all information and documentation requirements and to ensure that the project meets the minimum regulatory requirements.

Eligible Applicants

Any county government or municipality with a state-approved Local Comprehensive Beach Management Plan is eligible to apply for funding.

For more information on the Beach Renourishment Funding Assistance Grant, please see important links below.

Beach Renourishment Funding Assistance Grant Guidelines

Beach Renourishment Funding Assistance Grant Financial Information Form