TAG Core Stipulation

  •  The primary focus of all Tourism Advertising Grant (TAG) projects must be tourism promotion to sustain tourism related revenue.
  •  TAG grants may only be used to market festivals, events and attractions that occur at venues that are accessible by the general public on an on-going basis. Festivals or events that occur at private venues are not eligible for a TAG grant.
  •  Approved applicants may use their TAG funds to participate in co-op partnership programs offered by SCPRT.
  •  In-kind contributions cannot be used as a source of matching funds. Only cash matches are eligible.
  •  Organizations that utilize advertising agencies must provide a copy of each media invoice.  Organizations will be reimbursed based on net rates only.
  •  Creative/design, printing, production and agency commission costs are not eligible for  reimbursement.
  •  Organizations receiving a TAG grant must have the most recent SCPRT logo with a reciprocal link  on their website to SCPRT’s web site. Consumer must be able to reach SCPRT’s website in one click. See Logo and Usage link to download the logo.
  •  Grant funds are to be used for Out-of-State and/or In-State marketing. In-State advertising must be conducted in marketing venues that are at least 50 miles outside organizations county/region to qualify for reimbursement.
  •  All advertising must run, be billed in (invoice date) and piad for (check date) within the fiscal year dates of the TAG cycle (July 1 - June 30) to qualify for reimbursement.
  •  Events which receive funding for paid advertising purchases through a STAR grant are NOT eligible  to receive funding for paid advertising through the Tourism Advertising Grant (TAG) program, regardless of which organization applies for grant funding or in which fiscal year the application  occurs.
  •  Only one application per umbrella organization will be accepted for submission.

  • Scores of 70 or less on TAG applications may not receive a grant award.

Organizations that are not in compliance with these published Tourism Advertising Grant procedures/ requirements will jeopardize their funding reimbursements.

This TAG grant program criteria will supersede all previous Tourism Partnership Grant and Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (TMPP) guidelines.