TAG Reimbursement Procedure

All projects must be completed and the reimbursement request sent to SCPRT by the completion date on your Project Agreement Form or by June 15.

Projects are considered complete when you have provided copies of the following:

Reimbursement Request

  • If you were awarded a grant for the current fiscal year, you may complete your reimbursement request in the Webgrants system.
  • You may choose to watch a screen recording of the "Webgrants Refresher Workshop" for step-by-step instructions on how to complete your reimbursement request.
  • Quarterly reimbursement requests are now required. If you have run any advertising within one of the below quarters, you must submit your quarterly reimbursement in the Webgrants system. If you run an ad within the quarter but do not have all supporting documents yet, you may submit your quarterly report as soon as you have all documents ready.
    • October 2, 2023
    • January 2, 2024   
    • April 1, 2024   
    • June 30, 2024 (final reimbursement for the FY)

Paid Dated Invoices

  • Submit legible copies of itemized invoice, reflecting date, description and dollar amount. Monthly statements are not acceptable unless they contain the same pertinent information listed on invoices.
  • Organizations that use an advertising agency to place advertisements must also provide copies of the media invoices.
  • Since Webgrants will only allow you to upload one file for your proof of payment, you may need to include multiple pages into one file for upoad. This does not mean you should put your entire request packet in one document - you should only put multiple pages of a single proof of payment, etc. in one file.

Cancelled Checks and Credit Card Payments

  • Attach a legible copy of the cancelled check(s) to the appropriate invoice to certify proof of payment. Your cancelled check should reflect payment for items that are strictly related to the project. However, if your check includes non-related expenses, then supporting invoices are required.
  • If you are showing proof of payment with a credit card, you must show the charge on a redacted credit card statement and proof that the credit card was paid off.

Proof of Performance

  • Attach original or PDF file of media tear sheets from newspaper/magazine advertisement to the appropriate invoice and cancelled check. Publication name and issue date must be clearly visible on the tear sheet (not handwritten). If this information is not printed on the page your ad appears on, please also submit a copy of the publication cover.
  • Submit a photograph of each posted billboard.
  • Submit a screenshot of all online advertising in place on the website.
  • Include a copy of the broadcast media affidavit for TV and radio commercials, as well as the audio/video file or Youtube link.
  • Delivery report for web based media including impressions delivered and clicks as well as site engagement if available.

Audit Report

An audit report is issued to each TAG recipient at the completion of their project. This report summarizes the allowable project costs, the amount of project costs subject to reimbursement and the amount of any funds to be reverted.

  • Notification of discrepancy in this audit report must be submitted in writing to SCPRT within 30 days after receipt.
  • Projects are also subject to audit by the South Carolina Office of the State Auditor.
  • Approved applicants are to keep original invoices and supporting documentation for a period of three years.