Logo Requirements on Advertising

When utilizing the Discover South Carolina logo on print and TV advertisements, it is to be placed in the bottom center or bottom right of the ad as displayed below. The Discover South Carolina logo may only be used in blue (PMS 281) or white.

Minimum Size Requirements

The logo should always be used for optimum legibility and should follow the below minimum size guidelines. The logo with or without the website is acceptable.

For print media:
full-page ad – 2-inch logo size
1/2-page ad – 1 1/2-inch logo size
1/3-page ad – 1 1/4-inch logo size
1/4-page ad, 1/6-page ad and 1/8-page ad – 1-inch logo size

For outdoor billboards:
The Discover South Carolina logo must be no smaller than 6.5 feet wide and should NOT include the DiscoverSouthCarolina.com website.

For digital banners:
The Discover South Carolina logo does not need to be included as long as the landing page has the Discover South Carolina logo in a prominent location.

For TV ads:
When utilizing the logo in TV spots, the logo is to be placed in the center, bottom center or bottom right of the screen for a minimum of :05.

For radio ads:
The radio spot must mention “Discover South Carolina.”