This year, our awards ceremony at the annual Governor’s Conference will look a little different than in past years.  Many of us can say that we have experienced hardships in one way or another this year, but we find that the stories of resilience and neighborly support shine even brighter than they seemed to before this year.  That led us to want to celebrate those stories in our communities in this year’s awards ceremony with the 2021 Community Award. 


This is where you come in!  We want you to nominate people from your community who have been a bright spot in 2020.  Whether it’s a small business owner who fought to stay open and not have any layoffs, or if it’s a story of a neighbor making a big difference for someone else. 


Please submit your nominations to me at by Friday, January 22 and tell us the following:


·       Name/Business of Nominee

·       Their Role in the Community (Business Owner, Neighbor, etc)

·       The Story on Why They Should Win This Award